A week in the life of a Cake Shed Owner - week 4

It has been another busy week here at Charlotte Jane Cakes, the home of the Cake Shed, Boars Hill. All the schools were on half term and I was booked up with cake decorating classes Tuesday-Thursday.

Once my class was finished on Thursday, I started baking all the cakes for the Cake Shed. I had planned to have 5 bakes in the Cake Shed every weekend but somehow managed to plan 10 for this weekend (not quite sure how that happened!), so there were lots of new bakes for people to try. Lemon Drizzle Cake and Nutella Cookies sold out again so are really popular.

It gets a little sunny over the Cake Shed so as well as placing ice packs under the trays in the Cake Shed to keep the cakes cool, I have also invested in a new parasol to help keep the sun off.

Many people have been asking if they can order a whole cake. I'm in the process of setting up a few listings on my website for cakes that you can pre-order to collect on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning at 10.30am.

Here is an 8" Red Velvet Cake (10-12 portions) which would be £30 to pre-order.

That's about all for this week! Keep posted for the new menu that comes out on Thursday for next weekend.

Charlotte x