The Cake Shed by Charlotte Jane Cakes

I've had a busy month and I'm thrilled to share my latest news with you. After working on a new project, I'm delighted to announce a major milestone coming up soon. I am launching my very own Cake Shed on Boars Hill.

   What is a Cake Shed you may ask??

It is a little shed just by my cake studio which I will fill up with some of my delicious cakes that are usually only reserved for my wedding cake clients. You will be able to select from a choice of 5 different bakes each weekend and leave cash in the money box tin inside the shed or pay for your cakes via PayPal (you would need the PayPal App on your phone and simply scan my QR code from the side of the shed).

All Cake Slices, Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes and bags of fudge will be £2.50 each.


So that's it really, freshly baked delicious home-made cake and cookies every weekend available just outside my cake studio.

If you are looking for more than the odd slice then please feel free to call me on 07817 397070. I would be more than happy to produce a whole cake or a box of brownies or cupcakes for collection.

Lastly, we appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you soon!